If you visited “About” searching for the coziest hotel in Bakuriani located in between a forest and Bakuriani Botanical Garden, hotel that can give you everything you wish to have on your winter holidays, you are at the right place! Our story begins far in the past, when people found taking care of the nature and taking care of each other same things and decided to make something really beautiful. Then there was sparkled eyes, plans and attempts, greenness and coziness, #caringforyou, #caringforme, then little husky, two cats, warm smiles and we all became a big story. Now we are everything you need: we are your green forest, botanical garden, coziness of wooden houses; we are the best view from your windows, a burning fireplace, smell of natural food and calmness, we are your blue-eyed fluffy dog from the cold country and his friends – two beautiful cats and a little bunny! We are a day your children enjoy, we are their cheeks turning red; we are your New Year evening and magic colors! We are the coolest story and the best hangout of you and your friends, your #WowWhatAGreatPrice! And we are neither plastic and polyethylene nor unhealthy food, we are Eco and we are for YOU, because this is what we do know! If you read our story in one breath, it seems everything is clear – you should definitely stay with us!

  • Type of Housing: Hotel
  • Type of Rent: Daily
  • City: Bakuriani
  • Address: Bakuriani, next to botanical garden

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